Webinar: Empowering Communities to Find Resilient Solutions

September 05, 2013

When: 1:15 PM to 2:45 PM ET

After the devastation of extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, Colorado Wildfires, and Oklahoma Tornadoes just this year, communities and decision-makers face the daunting task of recovering and rebuilding – both physically and emotionally.

  • What can be learned from these experiences to prepare us for the next crisis, which for someone somewhere is right around the corner?
  • How can leaders partner with citizens to find ways of adapting and preparing for some of the more gradual, but inevitable future events, like sea level rise?

Citizens and communities are critical in finding solutions for the challenges they face. They know the problems intimately, they have the most to lose, they are the experts on their own futures. But how can they deal with the often confusing, contradictory and even frightening onslaught of data and opinions from scientists, technicians, politicians and other experts of all kinds? What is needed are techniques for harnessing this local knowledge and commitment in a process that leads to a sensible, sustainable and widely supported decision.

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